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 A concept called P.O.V, which stands for Potential, Optimization, and Value. An espresso cup with a single lip usually offers just one espresso experience. But what if your cup had two?

This cup is specifically designed to enhance your espresso-drinking experience. It comes with two different rims that allow you to enjoy your espresso in a unique way. If you prefer your espresso to be round and sweet, you can drink it from the thicker rim. On the other hand, if you like to experience the brightness and fruitiness of your espresso, you can drink it from the thinner rim. You can also switch back and forth between the two rims to experience both attributes at once. Give it a try, and enjoy your espresso like never before! This design allows you to explore more flavor profiles, thanks to the varying wall thickness of each lip, providing different angles and temperatures with each sip.

This innovative cup, featured in Muhammad Aga's presentation at 2022 Indonesia Barista Championship and Zjevaun Lemar Janga, Netherlands 2024 World Barista Championship in Busan.

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