''What the hell is Ripsnorter?''

That’s what we hear all the time. The first time it kissed our ears we were living and working in the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne. In Aus when someone would think something is really awesome, they would say ‘this is a bloody ripper’ which comes from Ripsnorter. 

Brewing a lot of coffee for our coffee shop (Harvest Cafe & Bakery) over the past years has led us to this new chapter in our lives. Roasting coffee of course was definitely the next step in our coffee career.

Working together with coffee farmers from all around the world is a privilege for us. By actively pursuing better and keeping it simple we try to improve the lives of our coffee growers but also to protect our culture, and are fully focussed on creating a memorable experience by sparking a connection between you and the other side of the world.