Zjevaun Janga is the winner of the Dutch Barista Championship 2024. This competition was held at hospitality trade fair Horecava in the RAI Amsterdam as part of the NK Koffie, organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

From a field of six finalists, Zjevaun Janga managed to convince the jury the most with his run, in which he presented four identical espressos, four identical milk drinks and four signature drinks to the jury in no more than 15 minutes.

Zjevaun Janga is the 2024 Dutch Barista Champion. In addition to winning the national title, Janga, with support from SCA Netherlands, will go to represent our country at the World Barista Championship from May 1 to 4 in Busan, South Korea.


To win his second Dutch Barista Championship, Zjevaun Janga used a special coffee: Mikava Santuario Natural CM Gesha. 

This gesha is produced by Paul from Mikava, and from his Santuario farm, a small town in the department of Risaralda. The farm sits hidden in a bowl on rich volcanic soil at an altitude of exactly 2000 meters above sea level.

Mikava has had the honor of winning winning numerous national and international awards starting with the Cup of Excellence in 2019 winning with a natural processed Gesha, receiving the highest score in the history of the Colombian COE, 92.71.

This lot is processed using the carbonic maceration method sealed in pressurized tanks then sun dried for up to one week before being moved to our other farm located in Marsella where they are placed in a marquesina, a solar dryer resembling a plastic greenhouse. The drying is done on raised beds under shade cloth for a slow drying process which we call SASD (Solar Aerobic Slow Dry).

Care is taken to not dry above 40 degrees Celsius to prevent the coffee embryos from dying which can affect the cup profile. Once the coffee is dried to a 10.5 % humidity it is stored in oxygen barrier bags for a resting period. This specific roast was roasted for a bright light flavoursome espresso but can also be brewed as a fantastic filter coffee. Our competition recipe was 21g in 42 g out in 21 seconds for all courses.

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