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CHORORA | NATURAL Pre-order - Roasting 3/10

CHORORA | NATURAL Pre-order - Roasting 3/10

Chorora is owned by Olinka Velez and Yambamine by her sister Diana. These farms are located next to each other on a steep hillside surrounded by primary cloud forest and crossed by the old ‘Inca Road’ that once connected Cuzco with Quito. The land has stunning views towards the valley of Macara and Peru on the horizon.

This variety comes from the same experimental farm in Ecuador where endemic varietals were developed during the 1990s, such as Sidra and Typica Mejorado. In this farm, many new varietals were obtained by cross breeding various different plants like Ethiopian heirlooms and landraces with Typicas, Bourbons, Caturras, etc. This Hybrid is one of many results that were not given a name. Its real lineage of descendance is not known. But for the sisters this was no reason to not pick this coffee as it was giving an amazing sweet and floral cup.

This coffee was hand-picked between July and August 2021. The first step was to put the cherries in fermentation tanks where they went through a Carbonic Maceration for 11 days.

After the fermentation process, the cherries get pulped and washed. The prolonged carbonic maceration created a biochemical reaction which tainted the parchment in red, this is revealed after washing the coffee. Hence the name Red Washed.

A very careful drying process is always used in Chorora to ensure that the moisture decreases very gradually. The parchment is laid in African beds inside Polytunnels for approximately 21 days until the desired humidity is reached.

A final and very important stage of stabilization is carried out, where the parchment coffee is placed inside GrainPro bags in a temperature controlled room. Here the coffee will stabilize for between 6 to 8 weeks until it’s ready for export.

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