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This Aricha washed coffee is from Boledu. This producer was founded in 2018 and the name means "source" in the local language and combines over 12 years of experience in coffee from both Abyote Ageze and Mebrahtu Aynalemr. This beauty designates the second highest quality from this region.

Boledu does not purchase from the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange as they want to have direct agreements with the washing stations and even work with an agronomist to prepare the coffees, all to ensure consistency. Also the farmers they work with have been working with them for a good time. They are trained and are explained about the standards of cherry collection for specialty coffee and the premiums that come with it.

This is a fully washed lot. Cherries are manually sorted to remove unripe ones from the day's batch. Then the coffee is pulped and taken to big water tanks for around 24 hours to ferment. The wet parchment will be pushed down long channels with the help of flowing water whilst men use long rakes to agitate the coffee, helping to remove remaining bits of mucilage. Once this process is completed the parchment is taken to African beds to dry.

Nice about this coffee is the balance and the coating mouthfeel. Bergamot, apricot, blueberry, dried apricot, amaretto notes are found, together with a hint of white and violet floral notes.

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