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Aricha is one of the washing stations in Yirgacheffe that supply Mebrahtu (means Light in the local language) Aynalem's exporting business, Boledu Industrial. The station and dry mill were founded by Boledu in partnership with Abyote Ageze and local farmers. "We are the 2nd  generation of coffee growers and now traders in our families. They've decided to build a natural coffee processing site in Aricha to be used by the smallholders living in the region. Roughly 1500 growers use the facility and they have 220 raised African beds for coffee drying.

Cherries are dried on African raised beds for proper airflow and the coffee itself must be frequently turned. When the desired moisture content is achieved (14 to 21 days depending on the weather), the dried cherries are milled and stored. Which gives this natural coffee it’s amazing red berries, butterscotch and stewed fruits notes.

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